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Mamba coriolis

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Elite Dangerous Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. I prefer only two weapon groups ,especially if you get into a pvp fight. That may be because i am old and slow, but if you go for a rail and multi combo ,you should have enough power for prismatic shields. Originally posted by Old Coot :. The Mamba is much better with Bi-Weaves. Typically the only ships that should use Prismatic are the big 3 PVP ships or Hauler vessels trying to save their best class internal Certain AX ships too, if you have the power budgetbecause they can't really evade fire.

In this case, the regen rate of the Bi-Weave is null since you need a 5 second spooling period before regen starts. However, on evasive, fast and slim ships, Bi-Weaves are much better in all scenarios except Thargoid combat, and even then, they can be competitie. With the frag cannon meta, Bi-Weaves get chewed apart really fast on fat ships.

Last edited by Hobo Misanthropus ; 4 Feb, am. Relvor View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Erwin the Fox :. Last edited by Relvor ; 4 Feb, am. Drive distributors run cooler than drag with less drift. What's with the 2 extra fuel tanks?

A fuel scoop adds no mass and minimal power draw. Super Penetrator on the rails will cut your thermal load in half without losing damage. PA is used when either target is showing broad surface or gets up close. The armament concept is biggest possible damage in shortest possible time e. I've had enough bristling every ship with multicannons up to 'Vette, hence why i decided to stick to plasma and rails and plasma slugs and extra fuel tanks as a consequence — it's all about reducing heat per shot.

Last edited by Erwin the Fox ; 4 Feb, am. Zi View Profile View Posts. Have you looked into frags? Not trying to talk you out of PAs, but quote "biggest possible damage in shortest possible time" is the very definition of a frag cannon loadout. Boost out while reloading and cooling, boost back in and hit them again.

You should have no trouble hitting a conda at close range, even if you use fixed frags.

Elite: Dangerous Timeline

I personally don't like fragcannons, they just don't feel right for me. Remember, big ships sometimes fly in wings in RES. Originally posted by Relvor :. Originally posted by semidomestic :. Last edited by Hobo Misanthropus ; 4 Feb, pm. Just some food for thought. You said you're going after big ships in RES.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

mamba coriolis

Elite Dangerous Store Page. Global Achievements. Matiati View Profile View Posts.

mamba coriolis

I personally own an engineered FDL. I have been reading about the new Mamba for a time now. And from what I see most people still suggest that FDL is superior to Mamba because of its agility, armor resistance, shield and hull strength.

I thought at first that Mamba is worse then FDL in general. Then I noticed that there is something very unique about Mamba. That is all of its hardpoints are on the top side of the ship. Which would be great for a fully turret placed ship. All lasers have grade 5 long range mod. Small lasers have scramble spectrum so that they can disable modules. And large ones have phasing sequence so that they deal hull damage at very long range even when the target's shields are up.

If you drop power plant to 5D quality and skip A class frameshift drive and take D class instead you can further increase top boost speed. I intentionally placed OE class shield boosters only to use their shield resistance boosting experimental effects.

Plus since your engagement distance is above 5kms it is very unlikely that you'll be getting hit at all. As long as you keep your target above you and circle around it at very long ranges kms this build should be able to snipe your target from a relatively safe distance. Of course it does not have much use for pvp. But I believe this baby can be quite good at conflict zones, assasination missions and bounty hunting as it can just kill anything a bit slow though from far away before getting any scratch on your hull.

What would you guys think about this? I've yet to try this in game but the idea seemed nice to me. Last edited by Matiati ; 19 Dec, pm. Showing 1 - 13 of 13 comments. I believe this build also counters the most important drawback of the Mamba. That is its bad maneuverability. With full turreted configuration you never need to face your target at all. It is ok if you keep it above you so your turrets can target it.Content presented on this page has not been released yet. Details are subject to change before release, and anything unsupported by a source may be speculation or incorrect.

Fleet carriers are massive ships fitted with multiple hangar bays, functioning as a mobile base of operations. Services offered by a fleet carrier can be fully customised by the fleet carrier's owner; this includes the traded commodity types, available outfitting modules and the contents of a shipyard.

Manufactured by Brewer Corporation, these remarkable craft offer significant advantages in all professions. Unlike single-pilot vessels, carriers require a dedicated budget to cover weekly expenses. A unique interface allows owners to easily manage their fleet carrier, covering all aspects of operation from a single screen. It is the largest and most expensive vessel available to independent pilots for purchase.

It features a total of 16 Landing Pads to accommodate other conventional shipsand is jump-capableallowing it to act as a mobile base with much of the functionality and services of a typical Station.

Drake-Class Carriers are a model of Capital Ship designed to serve as Carriers for fleets of smaller ships. Each Fleet Carrier possesses 16 total Landing Pads: 8 large, 4 medium, and 4 small.

The owner controls the docking permissions, and can restrict who may dock. Each Drake-Class Carrier has a total cargo capacity of 25, t, which is used both to store commodities and hold the infrastructure necessary for various optional services, and a total fuel capacity of 1, t of Tritium.

It has a maximum jump range of ly, can travel anywhere in the galaxy with the exception of permit -locked systems, and the owner can schedule a jump for any time that they wish. In order to undertake a jump, the ship must be supplied with a certain amount of a fuel called Tritiumthat can either be purchased from Commodity Markets at Starports with a Refinery economy or mined from surface and sub-surface deposits on icy asteroids.

Jumps can be plotted through both the Galaxy Map and the System Mapand the destination system must be within the Fleet Carrier's maximum jump range. If the Galaxy Map is used, the vessel will arrive at a random body in the selected system. If the System Map is used, the owner can select a specific body within a system as the destination. Plotting through the Galaxy Map can be done regardless of whether the system has been charted or not, while plotting through the System Map is only an option if the system has been charted.

Be aware that it is possible to jump a Fleet Carrier to a system it may not be able to depart from due to insufficient fuel. Also, every jump that the Fleet Carrier performs inflicts a small degree of wear and tear on the vessel, which incurs an additional maintenance fee that must be paid alongside other upkeep costs. Once the owner schedules a jump, there is a one-hour buildup period immediately preceding the jump, followed by a one-hour cooldown period after the jump completes.

During the buildup period, the Fleet Carrier broadcasts a system-wide announcement notifying local pilots of the imminent jump, and a signal source appears in the destination system to mark where the Fleet Carrier will arrive, but the owner can still cancel the jump. During the cooldown period, another jump cannot be initiated.

When a Fleet Carrier jumps, any active pilots in its vicinity can witness its departure, and any active pilots at the destination signal source can witness its arrival.All rights reserved. All other trademarks and copyright are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners. Privacy and cookies policy Contact Donation. Just discounted. Just large pads.

mamba coriolis

The ship and equipment availability is updated real-time via EDDN network. You can help to update this data by using tools like ED:Market Connector. Sidewinder Mk I. Cost: 32, Cr. Eagle Mk II. Cost: 44, Cr. Cost: 52, Cr. Cost: 87, Cr. Imperial Eagle. Cost:Cr. Viper Mk III. Cobra Mk III. Viper Mk IV. Diamondback Scout.

Mamba = Death of the Clipper?

Cobra Mk IV. Type-6 Transporter. Cost: 1, Cr. Diamondback Explorer. Imperial Courier.Based on an unreleased racing prototype, the Mamba is one of the fastest ships in production.

It can also deliver a lot of punishment, boasting one huge and two large hardpoints. This emphasis on firepower and speed means the ship can hit hard and fast, vanishing before the target has a chance to react.

Comparisons to the Fer-de-Lance, also produced by Zorgon Peterson, will be inevitable, but the Mamba is in fact faster in a straight line, while being slightly less maneuverable.

The Mamba is a ship manufactured by Zorgon Peterson. It directly competes with Zorgon Peterson's other premium combat vessel, the Fer-de-Lancefeaturing a similar array of advantages and drawbacks at a similar price point. The Mamba's key distinguishing characteristic is its increased speed potential over the Fer-de-Lance, reflecting its heritage as a racing ship. In a press release announcing the ship's debut, Zorgon Peterson stated, "If it's speed and firepower you want, the Mamba is for you.

Based on a racing prototype, it's the fastest commercially available starship, and it sports enough hardpoints for a range of devastating weaponry. Whether you're leaving competitors in the dust or running rings around those pesky Thargoids, think Mamba!

The Mamba's design draws inspiration from Zorgon Peterson 's famed Fer-de-Lance and places an emphasis on bringing heavy firepower and speed to engagements. As both ships have somewhat similar costs and capabilities, deciding which one to purchase over the other comes down to personal preferences. In Combat, the Mamba is the second medium ship after the Fer-de-Lance to be capable of mounting Class 4 weaponry, and the third ship overall after the Fer-de-Lance and Beluga Liner to feature six utility slots.

In addition to its single huge hardpoint, the Mamba also possesses two large hardpoints and two small hardpoints. This arsenal places it in a narrow niche above the Fer-de-Lance and below the Federal Gunship in terms of raw damage potential for a medium ship.

As a redesigned racing ship the Mamba boasts incredible speed, surpassing most other ships and letting it easily hunt down targets, escape from ambushes, or gain distance for long-range tactics. This comes at a sizeable cost to its turning radius and impacts its ability to maneuver in close quarters, but in compensation, its acceleration is better balanced with its turning rates, making it easier to avoid "getting caught in irons", which means accidentally coming to a halt and briefly being a stationary target; this is a chronic problem for pilots of the Fer-de-Lance.

The Mamba also has a low heat threshold for its size, but compensates for this weakness with a higher heat dissipation rate. Like the FDL, the Mamba is suited to Bounty Hunting and little else as all of the former's drawbacks are only exacerbated here.

Featuring a maximum cargo capacity of 64t, which is on the lower side of the spectrum for medium ships, the Mamba is not an ideal choice for a dedicated TradingMiningor Piracy vessel.

Furthermore, even if all possible measures are taken to conserve weight, the Mamba has a maximum jump range of As a result, when optimised for combat the Mamba can struggle to jump to nearby systems, making travel across even small distances a somewhat frustrating experience.

Needless to say, the Mamba is unsuitable for Exploration. With its higher damage output and utility slots, however, the ship still remains an effective Anti-Xeno choice; in particular, its high speed makes it very effective at dealing with Thargoid Interceptors. All of the Mamba's hardpoints are located on the ship's dorsal surface. The two small hardpoints are forward of the cockpit, the two large hardpoints are on either side of the cockpit, and the huge hardpoint is behind the cockpit.

Four of its utility mounts are on its ventral surface, while the remaining two are near the rear of the upper chassis. The two pilot seats are on the ship's centerline, in a blister-style dorsal cockpit, as opposed to the Fer-de-Lance's slightly-offset pilot's seat. The primary pilot seat is at the front, while the secondary copilot seat is directly behind it and slightly elevated. The Mamba's cockpit includes a secondary pilot seat, giving the ship Multicrew -capability.Mambas are fast moving venomous snakes of the genus Dendroaspis which literally means "tree asp " in the family Elapidae.

Four extant species are recognised currently; three of those four species are essentially arboreal and green in colour, whereas the so-called black mambaDendroaspis polylepisis largely terrestrial and generally brown or grey in colour. All are native to various regions in sub-Saharan Africa and all are feared throughout their ranges, especially the black mamba. In Africa there are many legends and stories about mambas. The three species of green mambas are arborealwhereas the black mamba is largely terrestrial.

All four species are active diurnal hunters, preying on birdslizardsand small mammals. At nightfall some species, especially the terrestrial black mamba, shelter in a lair. A mamba may retain the same lair for years. Mambas and cobras are in the same family: the Elapidae. Like cobras, a mamba may rear and form a hood as part of its threat display, but the mamba's hood is narrower and is longer than the broader hood of some species of cobra, such as say, the spectacled cobras of parts of Asia.

In their threat display mambas commonly open their mouths; the black mamba's mouth is black within, which renders the threat more conspicuous. Typically also, a rearing mamba tends to lean well forward, instead of standing erect as a cobra does. Stories of black mambas that chase and attack humans are common, but in fact the snakes generally avoid contact with humans.

All mambas are highly venomous. Their venoms consist mostly of neurotoxins known as dendrotoxins. Besides the neurotoxins, they also carry cardiotoxins [2] [7] and fasciculins. Toxicity of individual specimens within the same species and subspecies can vary greatly based on several factors, including geographical region.

Even the weather and altitude can influence toxicity Ernst and Zug et al. A bite can be fatal to humans without access to proper first aid and subsequent antivenom treatment, as it shuts down the lungs and heart. The western green mamba D.What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register.

Drake-Class Carrier

Search titles only. Word Count:. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter psylim Start date Nov 13, It makes it a pretty safe barricade runner.

Looks like the Mamba will match if not outrun the iClipper. Will the Mamba spell the death of the last remaining vestige of usefulness remaining in the iClipper? All signs point to However, the Clipper excels as a pirate ship although not to its full potential due to unreasonably low mass lock.

AP Birdman Banned. No because my clipper will still be my torp and ram ship regardless of any other ship that comes out. It looks like the Krait phantom will be able to hit in full combat trim as well. No, because there is no way to squeeze a ton cargo rack anywhere in the Mamba. So I guess the Clipper will still be used. It could need a buff though.

For PvP, the Clipper will become obsolete. Better shields, better convergence, better firepower, and roughly the same speed. It's a shame they don't realize they can provide better PvP balance without disrupting PvE progression. If Mamba is faster than the Clipper then yeah Clipper is over.

Crazy I know, but I'm going to wait until i can fit and fly the new ships before making declarations and passing judgments.

Saool said:. Crimson Kaim. More like the Krait Phantom is the death of the Clipper. Bob McBobblehead. The Mamba explorer, 42ly max jump range with SRV. Last edited: Nov 13, One look at the internals of the Clipper vs. Will the Clipper be less useful in combat?

mamba coriolis

Sure, but it's already comparatively rare and will still maintain some niches Crimson Kaim said:. Especially the big 3 suffer from this as their ToT will most likely be next to 0 and everything outruns their weapon range. Maybe we should await the real stats. Well I am going to do something totally radical.

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